Study: Students Who Can’t Afford College Now Get $10,000 Scholarships

The U.S. government is subsidizing the cost of a new $10 million scholarship program for underrepresented students.

The program will give more than 2,500 college students a financial aid package that will help them afford college for the first time in decades.

The money is being earmarked for disadvantaged students and students with disabilities.

The National Review article The president of the National Council on Higher Education said this week that his group would not support a new scholarship program that would subsidize tuition for millions of students.

“We are not going to support a $10 billion program to subsidize college for a large number of students who may not be able to afford it,” President Bill Bennett told the Daily News.

“We’re not going the way of the old-school ‘I’ll pay my own way’ mentality.

It’s not going into the pockets of students and families.

It has to be put back into the communities where it belongs.”

The National Council for Higher Education is an umbrella organization of more than 500 colleges and universities, many of which are state-funded.

Bennett’s group says that it is opposed to federal funding for student financial aid programs.

“While we recognize the need for more support to help students who have been impacted by the recession, we do not support the use of federal funds to subsidise tuition for students with incomes below the poverty line,” the group said in a statement.

“The goal of the new scholarship initiative is to provide financial aid for students who cannot afford to attend public institutions.”

The $10-million scholarship will be awarded to students who are not currently enrolled in a college or university and are not able to pay tuition.

Students will be eligible for up to $10 and $1,000 grants.

The government is encouraging eligible students to apply.

The program will allow students to receive financial aid packages from four federal agencies: the Education Department, the Department of Health and Human Services, the Social Security Administration and the Department in the Department for Education.

The National Federation of Student Associations, which is affiliated with the American Federation of Teachers, has criticized the scholarship program as a “sham.”

The federation, which represents about 1 million students across the country, has called the plan a “scam.”

“The federal government will never support an organization that offers students a gift that is only a fraction of the money they will actually spend on attending a college,” said a statement from the federation.

“Instead, we are urging the administration to reject the program as it is a fraud.”

The Obama administration has been considering whether to launch a $5 billion program called the College Readiness Grant, which would be available to eligible students.

In April, the White House said that the Obama administration is reviewing the proposals, and that a final decision could be made “in the next month or two.”

The government has spent millions on scholarships to help disadvantaged students.

But the new program will be more generous than previous federal financial aid grants, which have mostly been aimed at low-income students.

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