How to apply for scholarships for college and university

You may be able to apply to get scholarships for university and college in the US, but you may not get them without a bit of work.

You need to apply, and pay your own way.

Here’s what you need to know. 

The US has a $1bn scholarship programme for low-income students, but only a few of the applicants have been successful, and the rest of the money goes towards a separate scholarship programme that focuses on people with disabilities. 

But a new initiative is trying to fix that, with scholarships for people who are working part-time. 

If you’re part-timing, it’s important to apply early to the new program, which was announced by the National Council of Welfare in March, and to register your interest in the new programme by December. 

We asked the Department of Education about how many people are eligible for the scholarships.

They said the new scholarships will be in place by June 2020, with a first application due in 2019. 

How much is the scholarship? 

It’s $3,300 (£2,600) for a full-time employee of a US company, and $1,600 (£1,100) for an employee of an independent contractor. 

This figure does not include any dependents. 

What’s the catch? 

The new scholarships are not intended to replace other forms of work assistance, but instead provide extra support for people with limited earnings.

It is not for people without any formal training. 

Are there any restrictions? 

Yes, but it is possible to have your application rejected if you: don’t live in the area where you plan to live, and

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