How to get a job in India: What to expect and what to avoid

New Delhi: When I started college in September 2015, I did not expect to be a doctor.

I did, however, expect to get an undergraduate degree and an MBA.

That did not happen.

I have been living in the US for nearly a decade now, working as a research fellow and a consultant in various fields, mostly in healthcare, finance, and healthcare IT.

I started to get my undergraduate degree in 2017, and started a PhD in 2019.

My goal in my life is to be able to teach English to a whole generation of students and teachers, so that they are able to compete with Indian teachers and to have an impact on their careers.

But I also feel like I was robbed by the government.

I was told, if I get an MSc in engineering, I will be eligible for admission to the university.

I thought, that is the dream, and I have been trying my best to fulfill that dream.

I applied for admission, but I was denied.

I applied for a postgraduate certificate and got rejected.

I wanted to go for my PhD, but my application was rejected.

I then applied for an MA degree in 2018.

In September 2019, I applied again.

In the same month, I was asked for a MSc.

I also wanted to apply, but was rejected again.

I finally decided to apply in January 2020, but again was denied, and finally got my MA in June 2020.

I had applied for both my MSc and MAs, but after getting rejected again, I decided to go the route of applying for a PhD.

After completing my PhD in the year 2020, I started teaching English in a hospital in Mumbai.

I got hired by a private university in Delhi.

I have now been teaching for about two years.

I am now the head of my English department at a public university in Mumbai, and my job is to prepare English teachers for entry into the engineering and IT colleges.

But, the experience has taught me that I need to take care of my students, my students are my friends, and it is important that I am constantly learning.

I am not afraid of my future.

I will never give up my dreams and ambitions.

I would like to go to the US and be an entrepreneur and help others get a foothold in their careers in India.