What to do when you get a job offer

More than half of Australian employers will let you know when you are eligible for a job at a given company, according to a new report.

Key points:The study shows the government is now encouraging employers to share information about job applicants with applicants in order to better understand the industryThe National Employers Council has called for an end to the “paywall” for job seekersThe National Labor Party has been calling for an industry-wide paywall for jobseekersThe National Education and Training Commission is proposing an “agenda change” to the NSW Government’s “pay wall” to help those who are eligible to apply for jobs.

The National Employment Council has long been calling on the Government to introduce a paywall to discourage job seekers from applying.

The council said the “possibility of an employer offering a job is something employers want to avoid, especially when it comes to job applicants”.

“This is not something employers should want to take into account when determining whether or not they are open for an interview,” the council’s chief executive, David Condon, said in a statement.

“We believe it is vital that employers provide this information to job seekers and that they make it easy for job applicants to get in touch if they have any concerns about a job interview.”

Employers should also be encouraged to share this information with job seekers in a transparent manner.”‘

It’s just not fair’The NELC’s analysis of Australian job seekers shows almost half of the employers surveyed said they would share information with applicants, and more than 80 per cent said they wanted to keep information about applicants confidential.”

There are employers that are keen to ensure they are taking the best possible care of their workers, including providing a salary or benefits package to those who apply for the job,” Mr Condon said.”

In the case of job seekers, this can be done through an application process, or it can be via a simple phone call to the employer to ask questions or get an answer.

“In the meantime, job seekers can contact the Australian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to have their complaints dealt with.

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