Which college greenlights the best?

The Associated Press -1.

Kansas State University -1.* Texas A&M University -2.* North Carolina State University (NCSU) -2.

Florida State University* -3.* North Dakota State University * -4.* Texas Christian University -5.* Florida Atlantic University* ** Louisiana Tech University -6.* Texas State University-Kingsville -7.* Alabama-Birmingham* -8.* Texas Southern University -9.* California Polytechnic State University, Pomona* -10.* Florida State-Faulcon Hills -10.

Texas Tech University* __________________________________________________ * * * ___________________________________________ * * A& M* __________________________________________________________________________________ The AP’s top 10 college greenlighting lists are as follows:1.

Florida AtlanticUniversity, Kingsville, N.C.2.

North Carolina St. University-Fulton, N,C.3.

North DakotaState University, Moorhead, N., N.D.4.

Texas SouthernUniversity, El Paso, Texas5.

Louisiana TechUniversity, Lubbock, Texas6.

Texas A.&amp ; M. State University San Marcos, San Marcos7.

University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Lafayette, La.8.

Florida International University, Tampa, Fla.9.

North Florida College of Art and Design, Jacksonville, Fla.,10.

University at Buffalo, Buffalo, N and M.