How to apply for scholarships in Australia

In Australia, scholarship offers can be offered in a variety of ways.

Here’s how you can apply.


You can apply online.

If you’re interested in an Australian scholarship, you can either apply online or contact the scholarship provider directly.

The first time you visit a scholarship website, you’ll be asked to provide information about yourself, such as your academic qualifications and your interests.


If the provider isn’t able to contact you within 30 days, you will be asked for details about your application.

The information will include your name, address, and your phone number.

You’ll then be asked a series of questions.


You will need to submit your application to the scholarship company.

If it’s not online, you may need to contact them via email.


The scholarship provider will email you a confirmation email with instructions on how to complete the online application.

You must then contact the company directly within 15 working days of receiving the email.

This process is not available for all scholarship companies.


You may be able to choose your online or telephone number from a drop-down menu.

You need to provide the correct contact details for the scholarship.

If your phone or internet provider doesn’t allow you to select your phone contact, you need to supply a valid email address.


You should send your application by email to the relevant organisation or the relevant contact.

The email will contain your name and the organisation’s contact details.

You do not need to include the name of the organisation you wish to apply to.

You also do not have to provide your social security number.


If, by the time you receive your confirmation email, you’ve applied for the same scholarship in another country, you are unable to apply online, contact the Australian Scholarship Foundation.


If a company is unable to contact or send you an email, it may take up to two weeks to receive your application in person.

If that happens, you should send an email to [email protected] 9.

If no organisation is willing to receive a copy of your application, it will be forwarded to the sponsoring organisation, and then it will take two weeks for that organisation to forward the application to a scholarship provider.

You have two weeks from that time to apply.


The Australian Scholarship Fund is an organisation that supports Australian students who are disadvantaged by academic, financial, or physical barriers.

You’re welcome to contact the Fund to make a complaint about your circumstances.

You might also want to contact Australian Scholarships Australia for more information.