Five years after the financial aid explosion, big future for students with disabilities

FourFourThreeSixFourFiveThirty-seven students with physical disabilities who were eligible for financial aid under the federal Pell Grant program in the first five years of the financial-aid explosion are enrolled in at least three colleges this fall.

Scholarship for College, the nonprofit scholarship arm of the National Association of College and University Business Professionals, will offer a $1,000 scholarship to each of the students.

The awards will cover the cost of attendance and transportation to and from campus and other required services.

They are not transferable and are limited to a maximum of four students per college.

The scholarship recipients must be enrolled in a college that receives federal financial aid and enrolled in an accredited program.

Scholarly efforts, however, have been a boon for those with physical limitations, according to The Associated Press.

About two-thirds of students with severe disabilities have been eligible for Pell Grants, according the AP.

Scholastic scholarships have been offered to some of the hardest-hit students since the financial crisis, such as senior at Yale University and a senior at Cornell University.

Students with disabilities are one of the most disadvantaged groups in college admissions.

The AP found that a student with a disability who receives a Pell Grant, but is eligible for other forms of financial aid, is more likely to be admitted to a selective college.

That’s because the Pell Grant is a federal program that pays a percentage of financial need and requires that recipients must have a disability to be eligible for the aid.

Students are eligible for an additional $6,500 in Pell Grants each year for students who are eligible and who are enrolled full time in college.

The amount of the Pell Grants varies based on the recipient’s level of need.

For example, a person with a mild disability, a high need and a low need would be eligible with $7,000 in Pell grants each year, according College Aid, the association for college and university aid.

Those with severe disability who are not eligible for federal financial-Aid programs but are enrolled are eligible only for $1 million per year.