Which Schools Get Students Who Want to Study at More Than One School

More than 1.6 million high school graduates in the United States applied for scholarships to attend a variety of public, private and religious schools in the 2016-2017 school year, according to a new study from the Education Trust.

The study also shows that nearly 1.5 million students from families with annual incomes of more than $75,000 applied for grants to attend at least one of the four schools they attended. 

Schools with the highest average per-pupil funding for students at the top schools, such as Harvard and Yale, have had the highest percentage of high school students who applied for a scholarship.

The highest average funding for each school, according the study, was $2,857 for Harvard, which ranked No. 3.

The median grant awarded per student was $1,977.

The largest grants awarded were $2.6 billion for Stanford and $3.4 billion for the University of North Carolina, which rank No. 4 and No. 5 respectively. 

The highest percentage at the bottom of the list was the University at Buffalo, which had an average per pupil funding of $1.7 million, which was behind only Dartmouth. 

A spokeswoman for the education trust, which collects data on school spending and awards scholarships, said the organization had not released data on the average per student funding of public and private schools, but that the average was “consistent with what we’ve seen in the past.”