How to help save a life

A $50,000 scholarship application from a BigFuture Scholarship Fund is available to anyone who has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, according to a news release from the nonprofit.

The application can be submitted online or in person at the BigFuture office in Seattle, Washington, starting at noon Friday.

The application fee is $50.

If the person applying is a student in high school, they can pay $100 instead.

Anyone with an income of less than $50 per week, the application states, is eligible.

“The scholarship is open to anyone in the United States who has sustained significant personal and financial harm and is at least 18 years old.

Applicants must have received a scholarship for at least six months prior to applying.

We encourage individuals to apply now to help us help as many as we can,” BigFuture President and CEO Michael Minkoff said in the release.

The nonprofit has been working to raise awareness about the pandemic since it was established in December 2013.

Since then, it has granted over $5.5 million to more than 300,000 people.

More than 4,000 scholarships have been awarded and more than 4.1 million individuals have applied for scholarships, Minkonoff said.

Funds from the Bigfuture scholarship will be used to help provide support to those who are facing financial difficulties, with the largest portion going to people who have lost their homes and are unable to get on a plane to a new place.

The money will also be used for research, including a grant to the University of Washington’s Center for Global Health and the National Institutes of Health’s National Center for Health Care Research Excellence.

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