Why is the University of California, Berkeley not funding scholarships for undergraduate students?

A University of Berkeley spokesman said in an email to The Associated Press on Wednesday that the university does not fund undergraduate scholarships.

Berkeley, home to the largest university in the United States, says it offers about 10 percent of its undergraduate students with financial aid grants.

Berkeley has not responded to multiple requests for comment.

“We are not funding undergraduates at this time,” the spokesman said.

“While we continue to work with our students, it’s not our intent to fund scholarships for those students.”

Berkeley’s position has been criticized by some in the university community, including by a former student who said the university is “not taking seriously the students it is supposed to serve.”

“I would not be able to afford tuition,” said student Jessica Besser, 19, of Oakland, California.

“I have a family, and my dad is not getting $10,000 a year to go to college.”

Bessers father, who works in construction, is also pursuing a master’s degree.

“He’s really excited about this program, he’s been doing it for six years and he’s not getting it,” Bessar said.

Besseri said she believes the university has a responsibility to fund undergraduate students.

“If they want to be funding it, they should fund it,” she said.

Berkeley students are allowed to apply for scholarships up to a maximum of $5,000 for each semester they are enrolled in school.

Undergraduates enrolled in full-time degree programs are not eligible for scholarships.

The University of Washington, which is in Seattle, has offered scholarships for up to $10 for each student, according to a statement.

Washington State University, which has about 2,000 undergraduate students enrolled, did not respond to a request for comment, according, to a spokeswoman.

“The vast majority of the students are graduating with their degree and will be working towards a career in their chosen field,” the statement said.

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