How the ‘Trump tax reform’ is really a ‘Trump giveaway’ for the wealthy

The President of the United States, Donald Trump, is not just handing out a big tax cut to the wealthiest Americans.

He is also handing out the very real possibility that wealthy Americans are going to use the money to buy themselves even more luxury cars, luxury apartments, and, of course, a mansion.

Trump is giving away the tax break for his own personal use.

The tax break was meant to pay for the construction of Trump’s new Mar-a-Lago resort, and Trump has said he hopes it will create jobs.

But it’s actually a giveaway for the wealthiest people in America.

And it’s not a giveaway the way you might think.

There are two ways to view the tax giveaway.

One is as a tax on all Americans, the other is as an incentive for the richest people in the country to buy expensive cars.

Trump’s proposal is designed to incentivize the wealthy to buy more expensive cars in order to get more money back.

That’s a good incentive.

But Trump is not giving away any money at all to the rich, but instead is giving them a tax break that’s only available to the richest Americans.

The problem is that, in reality, the rich don’t own cars, and the rich have cars in the first place.

There is a significant, real gap between rich and poor Americans, and that gap has been widening in recent years.

And this is a big problem.

If you live in one of the poorest counties in America, the chances are you’ve been living in a poverty-level household for the last 20 years or so.

The poverty rate in the U.S. has remained essentially unchanged since 1990, and it hasn’t changed much since then.

And even if we look at the most recent Census data, the poverty rate has actually gone up over the past three decades, according to a report by the Brookings Institution.

That means there’s been a huge increase in income inequality, and we can’t just assume that this is the result of rising prices of everything.

We need to understand that it’s a lot more complicated than that.

But the way the Trump tax giveaway is supposed to work is that it will give tax credits to the very wealthy, but it will also allow some wealthy Americans to write off their entire federal tax bill.

So what’s this supposed to do for the poor?

The basic premise is that this will allow wealthy Americans who currently are paying their fair share of taxes to write-off their entire tax bill for the very wealthiest Americans in the United Kingdom.

But that’s not the whole story.

For one thing, we know that wealthy people are not the only ones who benefit from the Trump plan.

The richest Americans in this country will also benefit from this tax giveaway, since Trump is providing them a deduction for their income, not their taxes.

The wealthiest Americans will also receive a huge tax break, since this is an incentive to buy even more expensive expensive cars, apartments, homes, and other luxury goods, while the middle class will see their tax bill go down.

The middle class is going to see a significant tax increase.

It’s not just that they’ll be able to write a check to Trump, they’ll also get a big financial boost.

This is the same tax plan that the Trump administration has been touting as a way to help the middle-class, as if Trump himself is making the middleclass a little bit wealthier.

But there are two big problems with that logic.

First, the tax cut is only available for people in one income bracket.

The wealthy will only get this benefit if they are in the highest bracket, so they will still be paying a lot of taxes.

Second, if you look at where the middle income earners live, they’re all in very poor areas of the country.

For example, the Census Bureau reports that about half of all Americans in America live in a household in poverty.

And, as I wrote in the New York Times a few days ago, poverty is not the same as income inequality.

In the United Nations, the number of people living in extreme poverty is a staggering 8.4 billion.

That number includes an estimated 40 million people living below the poverty line.

If the Trump Administration is counting on the middle classes to buy a lot and to pay less, then it’s going to be really hard for the middle to afford these luxuries.

That is the real problem.

This tax giveaway for rich people is really just a giveaway to the wealthy, and not for the majority of Americans.

And if the middle and working classes aren’t getting a lot out of the Trump Tax Plan, then what are they getting out of it?

If you’re poor and working class, you’ll be paying more taxes than your wealthy friends.

But if you’re rich and working-class and middle class, then you’ll pay less.

So if you think the middle are going out of pocket for Trump’s tax plan, you’re right.

They won’t. And you