A Palestinian-Israeli college finds the Palestinian-born woman who became its first American citizen

A Palestinian student at an American university in the West Bank is among the first American citizens of Palestinian... Read More
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How to watch ‘College Finder’ with a single click: College finder is the new Twitter!

The College Finder, a new mobile app from Harvard Business School, lets you search for courses online from anywhere,... Read More

India, Australia win fastweb scholarships for fastweb finder

India, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Malaysia have all awarded $10,000 grants to fastweb students, in a... Read More
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When students in the college find college finders

Students in the College finder, a website dedicated to college search, say that many colleges have begun to ban... Read More
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Why a PhD is the perfect career for seniors

What is a scholarship?A scholarship is an award given by a university or a society to an undergraduate or... Read More